Fittings and adjustments

Everybody makes mistakes – and I think especially so with 3d printed parts.  Right now I’m making a case for the computer on the ROV and I have to make some modifications to things to get it all to fit on the pontoons.

  1. The trusses should mount on the very edge of the mounting plates rather than one row in.  The raspi 2 case mounts will have to be adjusted accordingly.
  2. The case itself needs to be lengthened again to accommodate the wifi antenna.
  3. I’ll have to figure out a proper way to make an airtight top to the computer case.

IMG_0600 IMG_0599

Second pontoon finished – and engine module designed.

Here’s a picture of the parts I have printed so far – the front and backs of the pontoons and one truss.


Here are some pictures of the engine module that will stack inside the pontoon ends and hold the motors underwater there’s a tube running from the motor compartment to the top of the pontoon (these pictures are upside down – but it’s how it will look when printed).





Printing 2nd pontoon this morning

My octopi barfed this morning and I had to re-image the sdcard.

This is why you need to keep configuration of linux stuff to scripts or automated.

Got that back up and running and I’m printing up my 2nd pontoon.  Hopefully I’ll also do the 2nd truss.

I need to get around to making the engine modules – I think those are important 😉

First pontoon printed!

Got the first pontoon printed today. Looks really nice!  I’m going to have to cover it with some form of sealent as it’s leaking a little bit.  Sort of expected though.

Currently printing out truss version two. The first one had half the channel width – so it was a failure.

Hopefully I’ll print out the second pontoon and truss tomorrow.  I’ll probably make the scad for the motor module or the computer platform.

Coastal Explorer Project 6/24/2015

My project files are located at

So today I tried to print out two copies of the pontoons and see how they faired.  My first problem was that my printrbot simple metal must have slid on my bench and the power supply fell.  I have to test it this eventing.

The pontoons got 80% finished.  They interlocked pretty nicely but I didn’t get a really good amount of buoyancy.  I’m going to double the radius of the pontoons and try building only one tomorrow.